About us

The simple part is that we’re a group under the SUB (StudentInnenschaft der Universität Bern). The complicated part is the “queer” in our name. “Queer” is an umbrella term which summarizes a large group of people: both those who identify with specific letters such as in LGBTIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans*, Intersex, Asexual) as well as those who’d rather leave the labels and just stick to the umbrella.

Students generally like to go out for a drink every once in a while and the queer part isn't much different in that respect. As such we organize meetings throughout the semester on every 1st Tuesday as well as every 3rd/4th Friday of the month whichever makes more sense to us. In the Comeback-Bar in the old town of Bern, in the SUB-house as well as other places, we strive for you to meet new people and friends, to talk about important and much less important topics.

Additionally, we host an assortment of other events such as an annual movie night to herald in Queersicht, a queer film festival in Bern which happens at the beginning of November, where we watch a selection of films from the last festival, and soon after there's our Christmas-/holiday-dinner. Every so often we do hikes or BBQs and 2014, 2015 as well as 2018 we had our own bar at the official Unifestival.

Sound good? Just get up and come to our next meeting. Check our Facebook group or our ‘Event’ page on here to find out when and where it's happening. Our ‘Pictures’ page gives you an impression of past mischief.

Are you not/yet a student /anymore but you'd still like to come? No worries, we're not too strict about it ;)

queerstudents Whatsapp group

We have a queerstudents Whatsapp group to keep our members informed about current events. If you are interested in joining then talk to a member of the Comittee during the next event and they will gladly add you.


Queer Students

c/o SUB

Lerchenweg 32

CH-3000 Bern 9

Email: info@queerstudents.ch


Currently, the committee consists of five students with different fields of study. Do you have questions, suggestions, or wishes? Or would you like to reach out to someone? We are here for you!

Christian (he/him)

Comittee Member

University of Bern, English

Julian (he/him)

Comittee Member

Universität Bern, Medizin

Livia (she/her)

Comittee Member

University of Bern, Law

Rachel (she/her)


University of Bern, Social anthropology and Political science

Sandro (he/him)

Comittee Member

University of Bern, Biology