Welcome at queerstudents!

Here you can see our events and our Facebook group. Usually we meet on the 1. Tuesday and have a second event towards the end of the month. Please keep the current Corona measures in mind when attending any of our events.

Should the Grosse Schanze (on top of Bern main train station) or the SUB house (courtyard of Uni Tobler) not be available on short notice we will migrate to the Comeback Bar. We will keep you updated on this website and on Facebook.

22.06.21, 18:00



Grosse Schanze Meetup

Due to eternally bad weather each Tuesday, we decided to move the meetup to the Turnhalle. If it's sunny out against all expectations, we'll still meet at the Schanze, but rain will most likely bring us to the Turnhalle. Contact us via Whatsapp or Instagram or reach out directly to Rachel (079 861 51 12), if you can't find us.

We're moving the date to June 29th due to rainy weather!

To celebrate the end of the semester and (hopefully) good weater, we meet up at the Grosse Schanze on June 22nd, at around 6 pm. We'll bring some snacks and drinks and if you worry about finding us, just get in touch via Whatsapp, Instagram or email and we'll come meet you somewhere!

We look forward to seeing you!

31.07.21, 13:30



Aarebötle + Grillen im Eichholz

For our last event of the season we head into the water and go "aarebötle" (river boating). Afterwards, we stay at the last stop, Eichholz, to have a BBQ. Of course, you can also join for either portion of the event. Just fill out the doodle below. If you can bring your own boat, that would be amazing! More details will follow.